Become an Affiliate

Kore Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association in the United States

Become a Kore BJJ Affiliated School. This is the opportunity you were looking for to bring your school to the next step.

Our team was founded by Luigi Mondelli, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, in Danbury Connecticut. With over 20 years practicing Martial Arts (mostly BJJ) Master Mondelli opened in 2003 his first program in the United States briging the expertise and techniques that he has  been developing throughout these years. Reaching our 16th school in the U.S, we are affiliating schools inside and outside the United States. The benefits are numerous and it includes: All access to our library of our BJJ, Submission and MMA techniques through our partner website: We offer full support to our affiliates with an “Integration Solution” that help us to keep in contact with all schools updating and feeding them with the most updated techniques, drills, and support documents. Plus:

  • Low monthly cost making it really worthwhile
  • Learn all about Kore Brazilian Jiu Jitsu system
  • Be able to teach from kids to advanced adult classes
  • Find out all about our “Muscle Skills and adaptation” introdutory exercises
  • Be part of a team that is expanding all over the country
  • Special Seminars with affordable and reasonable rates at your place
  • Network with other Kore Certified School owners

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